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Dvara E-Dairy

Breed Ezy | Better Reproduction for Cow | 1 Container (25 Bolus)

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Bolus for better reproduction

Infertility, anoestrous, silent oestrous, repeat breeding and low production potential are the major problems which reduce the conception rate, increases intercalving interval and dry period. Infertility accounts for major economic loss in dairy farming and dairy industry. Most common cause of infertility is poor nutrition. The other causes are managemental, nutritional and hormonal.


Trace minerals and vitamins are essential components of cattle feed for normal function, reproduction, immunity and production. Breed-Ezy is an innovative, proven, safe and highly bioavailable mineral source, with vitamins and fatty acids which is formulated for better reproduction. Beta carotene in Breed-Ezy improves the pregnancy rate and Ꞷ3 fatty acids and CoQ10 increase PGF2α production, enhances immune competency and reduces the uterine infections.


  • Unique combination of trace minerals, vitamins, carotene and EFA.
  • Multi-purpose bolus to keep track of cow fertility, health and welfare.


  • Anoestrus
  • Silent heat
  • Delayed ovulation
  • Repeat breeder
  • Infertility

Optimum concentration of highly bio-available organic trace minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Cobalt, Selenium and Chromium along with Beta Carotene, Ꞷ3 fatty acids with CoQ with Vitamins A, E and D3 .


  1. To improve heat - 2 boluses for 10 days during the oestrus cycle
  2. To improve conception rate - 1 boli for 10 days before and after AI
  3. Under developed genetalia and delayed onset of puberty - 2 boluses daily for 20 days.

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