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Dvara E-Dairy

Vimical Forte | Calcium Supplement | 1L

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Vimical forte is an Oral Calcium supplement enriched with chelated Zinc, Copper, Bioactive Chromium, Selenium, Vitamin D3 and B12. It is Highly bio-available and absorbed by active transport. Resists gastric acid hydrolysis & intestinal enzyme cleavage.



  • Optimizes milk production
  • Improves animal health
  • Better growth rate
  • Vit D3 improves Ca & P absorption
  • Improves feed intake & Positive energy balance
  • Improves immunity and reduces stress



Calcium                    3500 mg

Phosphorous           1750 mg

Vitamin D3              8000 IU

Vitamin B12            200 mcg

Chelated Zinc         1000mg

Chelated Copper    500mg

Cobalt                    10mg

Iodine                    10 mg

Organic Chromium 8 mg

Selenium                4 mg

Carbohydrate        40000 mg



Cattle, Buffalo        50 ml/day

Calves                    20 ml/day



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